Services and fur maintenance

SHERì Fur, Hand Made in Italy provides its customers with some assistance and tips to maintain their furs’ proper condition during off-season.

For example, in summertime, fur needs to have constant care so Sheri stores its garments in special refrigerators, to prevent the attack of insects or other contaminants, which could damage or undermine the fur’s value and quality.

SHERì maintains ongoing support and counseling  with continuous attention to its customers.

Some useful tips for fur maintenance:

  • Every year at the end of the winter season the fur should be “regenerated“, as it needs to be cleaned and treated with appropriate products to ensure durability, regenerating the leather and wool giving the hair its natural soft and shiny luster;
  • Whenever desired, customers can change the pattern of their fur at the Sheri workshop, doing what is called “overhaul remodel”;
  • During the summer, Sheri provides a “summer safe-storage” giving you the ability to keep furs safely stored in specialized in special refrigerated rooms, ready for pickup from September onwards.

Loso Sheri Pellicce Made in Italy

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